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  • Am I a candidate for Microblading, Ombré or Combo Brows?
    A cosmetic brow tattoo is perfect for clients who want to define or extend their brows, cover groups of lost hair or completely reconstruct the entire brow shape. Whether you have little to no hair or thick hair, we can achieve a defined and tailored look to fit your needs. You are NOT eligible for the procedure if any of the following apply to you: • You cannot follow our pre+post care instructions • You are under 18 years of age • You are pregnant or breast feeding • You have a history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring • You have skin diseases such as: psoriasis, eczema, rashes, blisters or sunburnt skin on the area that is to be treated • You are on skin medication like Accutane or any topical steroids which thin the skin (must be off of this type of medication for at least 1 year) • You have any open wounds, acne spots, cuts or abrasions on the procedure area • You have recently received Botox (must wait two weeks post Botox) •You have recently had a chemical peel (must wait 4weeks post peel) • You have uncontrolled high blood pressure • You are taking blood thinning medication • You are diabetic (must be controlled and have doctors clearance/ note at initial appointment) •You have heart problems • You have a transmittable blood condition like HIV or Hepatitis • You are taking immunosuppressant medications • You are currently undergoing chemotherapy (please wait 6 months after completing treatments. Must have doctors clearance/note at initial appointment) • You are under any treatment or have any illness that compromises the immune system • You have poor general health • You are sick (cold, flu, sinus allergies, etc)
  • How long is the healing process?
    The healing process is 6 weeks BUT the time of some restrictions and aftercare is only 10 days! Your skin cells will turn over during the 6 weeks and allow the pigment to settle in.
  • Does it hurt?
    While it’s expected to feel something, I use topical numbing cream first and then secondary numbing throughout the service. Pain is around 2/10 for a few minutes and pretty much nonexistent once secondary numbing is added. Some clients fall asleep!
  • After I get my cosmetic tattoo will I need brow makeup?
    Keep in mind when choosing a service what your end goal is. Microblading is low maintenance, but not no maintenance. Since there is no shading between the strokes (for a super natural look) you will likely need a brow powder when doing a full faced makeup look. Combo and Ombré brows are going to give you a fuller and filled in brow. You will likely hardly have to fill in brows in these services but some people still do! When you do fill it in, you'll have the perfect shape and it won't take long at all. My favorite thing to do is simply apply brow mascara. It adds more density to my brows and only accentuates my Permanent Make Up behind it. PRO TIP: When applying foundation to the entire face, remember to use a wet q-tip to remove foundation from your brows. This light layer over your brow tattoo will make your brows appear lighter and change the color of your permanent makeup underneath.
  • What is the difference between Ombre and Powder brows?
    Powder brows is a technique and an Ombre Brow is a style of it. An ombre brow just means the tail is darker and it gradually lightens towards the head of the brow. I tend to do this style for most clients to keep the brow more natural.
  • How much does it cost?
    The total cost is $500. This is split up in to 3 payments. When booking, you pay a $75 booking fee, $325 at the initial appointment, and $100 at the touch up 6-12 weeks later. There are private payment plans available, with no interest, and done by Square invoices bi-weekly or monthly (fully customizable for each person). You will likely need a color boost every 2-3 years. This is usually 50% of the original cost and 99% of the time only one appointment is needed.
  • What is the difference between Microblading, Ombré and Combo Brows?
    Microblading Microblading: is a permanent makeup tattooing technique, using a handheld device made up of tiny nano needles that creates the tiniest strokes. These fine "hair-strokes" are formed into a pattern that will blend seamlessly into your skin to create a natural looking brow. Microblading is most suitable for dry to normal skin types. Ombré Powder Brow: This technique is done with a machine. Pigment is inserted into the skin, gradually building up the color to the desired saturation. With this technique you can go for a soft, natural look or a fuller, bold look. Ombré is great for all skin types, especially those with oily or mature skin. Combo Brow: This technique includes microblading towards the front of the brow, plus soft powder shading throughout the body and tails of the brow. This technique is great for those with minimal to no natural brows or those looking for a fuller, more filled in brow look. Combo brows is great for all skin types. My goal with any brow service is to enhance your natural beauty. My goal is to create a natural looking brow that shapes and frames your face according to your bone structure and natural features. Your brows, just better!
  • Why do I need a perfecting session?
    During the initial session, together, we wil talk about your skin, the desired shape or look that you wish to achieve and color options. After, we will begin the actual procedure and you will leave with your new beautiful brows. After the 6-12 week healing period, we will see how your skin takes to the pigment. Even with great aftercare some hairstrokes or pigment could fade out leaving some areas looking patchy. This is totally normal and exactly why the second session is crucial to your finished look.
  • I have had my brows done before, will you do them?
    I require anyone who has had their brows done previously by another artist send me a picture BEFORE booking an appointment. I typically only go over other artists work if it is at least 70-95% faded, and all new clients to me are considered initial sessions. While your brows may seem faded to you, sometimes they aren't faded enough for me to give you the best results. This is why you MUST send a photo prior to booking your appointment if you have had any time of previous cosmetic tattoo. My goal is to give my clients the brows of your dreams, while also giving you the best healed results over time. If brows aren't quite faded enough to successfully cover, do not worry... There are ways we can fade the remaining pigment either at home or through saline lightening.
  • What if I don’t know which service to pick?
    That’s okay! Most people don’t. At the beginning of every appointment, we talk brow goals, skin, lifestyle to decide the best service for you! You can book a Combo Brow, so there is ample time, and then we can discuss it more at your appointment
  • How long will it take?
    The initial session typically lasts between 2.5 hours and 3 hours. I will ALWAYS take my time and make sure you are 100% comfortable before moving on to any part of the procedure.
  • What if I don’t want to get them done anymore?
    That’s okay! If you are over your brows, continue letting them fade out. The pigments I use are very natural and will heal in to a softer version of itself until they fade out.
  • How often will I need touch ups?
    It’s recommended to come in every 18months-3 years. When your brows have become super light, it’s a good indicator to come back in. You are always welcome to send a picture and ask if I think it’s time for you to come back in!
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