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So you're ready to book... Let's go through a few things to make sure you're all prepared for your new brows!

Lets go over:

  • Before my appt, I should avoid...

  • What is my aftercare like?

  • What will the healing process be like?

  • What to avoid long term..

Before my appointment, I should avoid....

There are a few things that we should avoid to ensure your results are as amazing as they should be!


  1. Don't get any botox. This should be avoided until 6 weeks after your initial appt (or scheduled so its after you have healed from your touch up)

  2. Don't get any abrasive skin treatments, chemical peels, or used skincare products with acids, Vitamin A or AHAs for 4 weeks before your appt.

  3. Do NOT use any retinol products for 4 weeks. This will make it incredibly difficult to implant pigment in the skin (your skin will be incredibly agitated) and there is a risk of pigment migration!

  4. You must be off any antibiotics for 4 weeks before your appointment.

  5. Don't get your brows tinted for 4 weeks before.


  1. Don't get any spray tans/use tanning beds or get suntanned/sunburned! 


  1. Avoid blood thinning medications (Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, etc.)


  1. No alcohol! This thins the blood and makes it difficult for pigment to stay in the skin.

What is Aftercare like?

After your appointment, you will blot your brows every minute for 10-20 minutes. This helps remove the lymphatic build up from the fresh "wound" on your face.

For 10 Days:


-Wash your brows morning and night. Use the balm 3X a day.

Every morning and night, wash your hands and then use 1 pump of the cleanser and spread only in the direction of your brow hair.

-Then fill your hands with water and rinse your brows until all cleanser is off.

-Get a clean paper towel, every single time, and pat the brows completely dry.

-Get a RICE GRAIN size of your after care balm. Split it in half and spread the half over each eyebrow, in the direction of the brow hair.

-Remember, you can use the balm an extra time in the middle of the day.


(Make sure to not put more than a rice grain amount. Putting too much on will not allow the brow to breathe and heal well.)

During these 10 days, you'll  want to avoid:

  • getting your brows wet (outside of the washing 2x a day!) I do give you shower shields!

  • using any other cleansers, lotions or serums on your brows

  • working out! Why? Sweat pushes out of the pores, so as your pores open up when working out, the pigment cannot dry in the skin & can be pushed out. Sweat also consists of salt. Removal techniques involve using salt to break down the pigment so so by working out, your pigment retention will not be as well as expected.

You will receive a card at your appointment with all these details too!

What is the healing like?

DAY 1: Just got brows done! They are beautiful, a little bold and may be warm.

DAY 2-4: Brows are BOLD. The pigment is oxidizing in the skin. They will continue to get bolder until day 4!

DAY 5-9: Brows get flaky. You may have seen pictures of full scabs and scary healing. With my aftercare, you won't experience this! It will be light, minor flaking. Most of my clients say it's similar to light dandruff that can really only be seen when up close!

DAY 10-14: All the flakes have fallen off. When the flakes fall off, it won't look like much pigment retained. This is NORMAL! I call this the ghosting stage.

DAY 15-30/40: Brows are slowly returning. Depending on your skins cell cycle turnover, this can be quicker or slower than this timeframe.

6-12 WEEKS LATER: We get your brows perfected! You'll go through the same process again at your touch up!

What to avoid long term:

If you use any retinols, acids or chemicals, avoid putting them on your brows. These chemicals will cause your brows to fade quicker! Wearing sunscreen on your brows is also essential as the sun can cause pigment to fade and become ashier in color.

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